Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

ASSASSIN Moth - New Homepage

Here is the new homepage of Assassin: http://www.assassinmoth.com/

What`s new?
* There is a online shop - which will probably increase soon!
* There is a nice tree where the sun brakes out of the dark - think that could be a good symbolic :-)
* Yep, and there is a new Moth! The Assassin Evulution 2 - which realy looks nice!

BUT PLEASE change this delivery date on the web! November delivery? I order now and delivery is in 5 days - how many boats are finished!

One more Tip - for euro orders you could ask me when the next parts will arrive - to save transportation costs!
I am happy that Assassin is thinking and doing a lot to make the Assassin better and better! I am very happy to be part of it and perhaps we do have already the best international moth with the new and shiny ASSASSIN GRS e2

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

sneak peak at ASSASSIN GRS e2 (evolution 2)

Hi Everyone interested on the Assassin!

The designers of the Assassin are following the feedback from all over the world! So we have the first pics of the GRS e2 which will probably detach the GRS in future. This boat devolope came from feedback form all customers and will be quite a big step into future! It will be possible to update your Assassin with Spares you could order online or at your sales partner in your country. Also the website will change in some days. So if you are interessted please look at: www.assassinmoth.com/

Montag, 6. September 2010

Freitag, 13. August 2010

SILVAPLANA - shorty, long john or better dry suit

Picture Game! Who can find the Moths, and for advanced people - Who can find the snow! :-)

Dienstag, 10. August 2010

my little Sophie

it will be hard to go to silvaplana and don't see her for a week!
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Montag, 12. Juli 2010

early european championship 2010 statistics

Hi everybody, just wanted to know how the boats are mixed at comming european championship at lake silvaplana. And here is the List:
  • 80 entries with 20 nations

  • 29 Mach2

  • 20 Bladerider

  • 7 Ninja

  • 5 Assassin

  • 4 Fastacraft Prowler

  • 2 Homebuild

  • 2 Duvoisin

  • 1 Flashheard

  • 1 Swissmoth, Tony, Velociraptor, Mistress, Axeman, Axiom

If anyone needs help or support with his Assassin, he can ask me, I also try to get a box of spares to the euros (from NZL - becouse I have no spares at home :-)) - if anyone needs something or wants to store it as standby, please email me or direct to Holly Farmer! I am happy to see 5 Assassin at the euros but think there could and should be more than Bladerider!? So where are you (think most of it in NZL) and what you are doing while the great euros are? Register the best regatta this year!

Super nice location, super nice wind conditions and super nice warm water.

Ok last was a bit a lie :-)

See you all there!

Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

fart plug - if you want you can order!

The fart plug test is over, and for my assassin it was a great thing to have!

Now it is time to get more and more people testing them. So if you want one please mail me (nikolaus_liebscher@hotmail.com) and tell me your kind of drain plug and number of fart plugs you wana have! The plugs will cost something like €29,-- each! - puls shipping costs! I will wait for some orders to do them all at once, but will leave you all a message when it is on the way!

I can NOT give any garantee for them becouse I am not the manufacturer of the valves!

Can also bring them to euros!

It is nice to know when I forget to open the plug and sun is comming or from the sun to the water- there will be no broblem! Also the open plug on the assassin - let all rain water in the hull and one time it was so heavy that I had problems to line up the boat! This is past now - and I will never have these problems again!

If there is some interest you could also find it at www.alendra.de soon!

I am very pry of your experience with them and hope of some feedback after your tests!

Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

never sail a Moth without kicker - north V8 experience

This weekend we had some hard conditions - wind between 10 and 25 knots - very gusty!
After sone minutes my kicker was killed and than I tried to keep sailing (without it) ...
... as I had learned - not a very good idea! I had many problems to controll the boat and jumpt out on downwind course with about more than 20 knots of speed! This was a other way of flying (without boat)!!!

So at the end of this day, I can tell: The Assassin works fine - flys very stable if all settings are well done - if not - sail home!

The North V8! I have changed to the carbon battens. The sail is much more flat now and (so I think) excuses less mistakes for the sailer now - so I will change back to the original battens! Also I think the V8 is much flatter as the KA or the hyde sails are. Not shure about it, but I think in high winds it shoud be better. In very low winds the sail does not make the best looking for me! Also I have some problems with my cambers (secound from the top is turning down and comming out very often), with much of water in the sail after capsizing (OK my mistake that I am too much in water right now) and some little problems with quality of cloth, so I need to go to sailmaker ebfore the euros!

Over all I am quite happy with my assassin, but need to find the best settings for me!

It is time to say a big thanks to DOUG CULNANE for all of his help! And just to show how happy I am about this - I will donate this with a foretec gps as a present! THANKS

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

fart plug

the gas could go in and out - but no water will pass thru!

Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

NIKITA 2 - my new Assassin

After a long time of waiting I have good news for Doug!

Your Wingman is back!
I have learned much till now! Never sell your boat (especially when it is quite new) when your new moth has not arrived! So I had a long time of waiting time and no training at all.

But this is past now! Yesterday my new Assassin (NIKITA 2) arrived and looks real pretty! Everything was fitting together exactly and the quality of the boat looks real nice!
So next steps will be finishing the assembling, testing the new foils (Assassin changed somthing) and doing some water trainings!


Montag, 26. April 2010


Takapuna Anzac weekend sailing - see how good she is flying with little winds!

Dienstag, 9. März 2010

international moth - the black fleet?

The worlds in dubai have started and all you can see is black boats!

- yes it is becouse most the boats are mach2 but also Assassin provides black (clear carbon) boats for their customers! How likes it? It looks nice for some boats but you never could see which boat it is! I think nobody dispultes that the boats are made of carbon! And for the abservers there is no chance to see who are the fast and who are slow boats!
There is a new rule to put the ranking as a sail number on the sails (only for the best ones), but who will see this? The sails are black and white. Most of the numbers are also black!

It does not realy make sense! - What do you think?

Montag, 1. März 2010

quick change from winter to spring

22. Febuary - snow, ice, and cold weather
Today (01. march) top temperature 12°C and 4 upto 5 bft winds -
jesturday we had top temperature with about 16°C
I am sure there will be some days cold again! But we will probably have nice easter weekend at our lake!
sailing season will start soon - yuuuuhuuuuu!

Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Michi`s Years of Wandering and Learning

Nice to see that some people makes a old traditional wandering. Michi has learned boat builder (and he is also a moth sailer) and will now see the way of life, the way how to live and the hopefully broad-minded people all over the world for at least the next 3 year`s and one day!

All the best for Michi - and hopefully we meet again at some moth event!

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Angebot für Österreich! Jetzt zuschlagen und im Sommer beneidet werden!

Liebe Moth Freunde,

bei Assassin gibt es kleine Änderungen in der Modellauswahl! Was bedeutet, dass die Version SS ersetzt wurde. Neu dazu gekommen ist dafür die Variante GRS ECO, die eigentlich alles bietet was man braucht! Auch neu ist, dass bei der GRS Version alle Racing Tools dabei sind (z.b. Höhenverstellung während der Fahrt uvm.)! Die ECO Variante ist dafür N O C H etwas billiger geworden! Daher kann ich nun die ECO Variante für Runde € 10.000,-- inkl. Steuern und Versand (bis Flughafen Wien) anbieten (bis es wieder geändert wird)!

Wer rasch zuschlägt hat sein Boot spätestens Anfang Juni - wer nicht dabei ist wird heuer keines haben :-(

Assassin GRS ECO
The most economical moth on the market without losing competitiveness or style!

This is a great starting point for those new to mothing, or if your on a tight shoe string...The Assassin GRS Eco is fully upgradeable!

$13,900NZD (Approx $9,500USD)

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

waiting for the next spring

who is thinking about sailing in this conditions?

(foto from www.upsidedown.at)

I am! And impatient waiting for next spring!

Über mich

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