Montag, 12. Juli 2010

early european championship 2010 statistics

Hi everybody, just wanted to know how the boats are mixed at comming european championship at lake silvaplana. And here is the List:
  • 80 entries with 20 nations

  • 29 Mach2

  • 20 Bladerider

  • 7 Ninja

  • 5 Assassin

  • 4 Fastacraft Prowler

  • 2 Homebuild

  • 2 Duvoisin

  • 1 Flashheard

  • 1 Swissmoth, Tony, Velociraptor, Mistress, Axeman, Axiom

If anyone needs help or support with his Assassin, he can ask me, I also try to get a box of spares to the euros (from NZL - becouse I have no spares at home :-)) - if anyone needs something or wants to store it as standby, please email me or direct to Holly Farmer! I am happy to see 5 Assassin at the euros but think there could and should be more than Bladerider!? So where are you (think most of it in NZL) and what you are doing while the great euros are? Register the best regatta this year!

Super nice location, super nice wind conditions and super nice warm water.

Ok last was a bit a lie :-)

See you all there!

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