Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

ASSASSIN Moth - New Homepage

Here is the new homepage of Assassin: http://www.assassinmoth.com/

What`s new?
* There is a online shop - which will probably increase soon!
* There is a nice tree where the sun brakes out of the dark - think that could be a good symbolic :-)
* Yep, and there is a new Moth! The Assassin Evulution 2 - which realy looks nice!

BUT PLEASE change this delivery date on the web! November delivery? I order now and delivery is in 5 days - how many boats are finished!

One more Tip - for euro orders you could ask me when the next parts will arrive - to save transportation costs!
I am happy that Assassin is thinking and doing a lot to make the Assassin better and better! I am very happy to be part of it and perhaps we do have already the best international moth with the new and shiny ASSASSIN GRS e2

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

sneak peak at ASSASSIN GRS e2 (evolution 2)

Hi Everyone interested on the Assassin!

The designers of the Assassin are following the feedback from all over the world! So we have the first pics of the GRS e2 which will probably detach the GRS in future. This boat devolope came from feedback form all customers and will be quite a big step into future! It will be possible to update your Assassin with Spares you could order online or at your sales partner in your country. Also the website will change in some days. So if you are interessted please look at: www.assassinmoth.com/

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