Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

never sail a Moth without kicker - north V8 experience

This weekend we had some hard conditions - wind between 10 and 25 knots - very gusty!
After sone minutes my kicker was killed and than I tried to keep sailing (without it) ...
... as I had learned - not a very good idea! I had many problems to controll the boat and jumpt out on downwind course with about more than 20 knots of speed! This was a other way of flying (without boat)!!!

So at the end of this day, I can tell: The Assassin works fine - flys very stable if all settings are well done - if not - sail home!

The North V8! I have changed to the carbon battens. The sail is much more flat now and (so I think) excuses less mistakes for the sailer now - so I will change back to the original battens! Also I think the V8 is much flatter as the KA or the hyde sails are. Not shure about it, but I think in high winds it shoud be better. In very low winds the sail does not make the best looking for me! Also I have some problems with my cambers (secound from the top is turning down and comming out very often), with much of water in the sail after capsizing (OK my mistake that I am too much in water right now) and some little problems with quality of cloth, so I need to go to sailmaker ebfore the euros!

Over all I am quite happy with my assassin, but need to find the best settings for me!

It is time to say a big thanks to DOUG CULNANE for all of his help! And just to show how happy I am about this - I will donate this with a foretec gps as a present! THANKS

Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2010

fart plug

the gas could go in and out - but no water will pass thru!

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