Dienstag, 9. März 2010

international moth - the black fleet?

The worlds in dubai have started and all you can see is black boats!

- yes it is becouse most the boats are mach2 but also Assassin provides black (clear carbon) boats for their customers! How likes it? It looks nice for some boats but you never could see which boat it is! I think nobody dispultes that the boats are made of carbon! And for the abservers there is no chance to see who are the fast and who are slow boats!
There is a new rule to put the ranking as a sail number on the sails (only for the best ones), but who will see this? The sails are black and white. Most of the numbers are also black!

It does not realy make sense! - What do you think?

Montag, 1. März 2010

quick change from winter to spring

22. Febuary - snow, ice, and cold weather
Today (01. march) top temperature 12°C and 4 upto 5 bft winds -
jesturday we had top temperature with about 16°C
I am sure there will be some days cold again! But we will probably have nice easter weekend at our lake!
sailing season will start soon - yuuuuhuuuuu!

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