Freitag, 25. September 2009

Registration is closed!

We have now 15 Registrations for Testsailing, and 5 Registrations with Boats! which is great but unfortunately Fastcraft Boats is NOT able to deliver the 2 new Assassins in time!!! Everyone will get his chance to sail my assassin perhaps this season at least next season!

Although this is very disappointing we still have Dougs Tomahawk GBR 4019 Aussie Axeman HydroFoil Moth for test sailing.

So test sailing a mordern boat is not guaranteed but if the test sailors can master the Tomahawk and conditional allow it will be possible to have a go in Flashheart!

Although it is very disappointing to not have a new Assassin at this event everyone should get a test sail and we have organised other activities so everyone will get wet...

There will also be a Laser and plenty beer. So here is looking forward to a great event.

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