Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

It is nice to get feedback!

Here a nice feedback - Thanks to Barbara!

Hey.. thanks a lot for this great training weekend!!
I am happy that I had the chance to join in now for all 3 days and really enjoyed the time there. I was truly desperate on friday after this desastrous start but saturday and for sure sunday - well - helped to be more confident again. It was a pity that there was no wind - I think that otherwise everybody would have been more enthusiastic...especially if they had the chance to "fly".. Hmmm.. I wanted to mention that it was great that we had this "free" training with self-organising the time on the boat, changing etc. on saturday/sunday. Everybody was so nice and supporting and really really helpful and understanding! (for me it was a great support f.i. that Klaus was on the laser next to me when I was really on the moth on sunday, trying to balance, and stay as "straight" as possible - he supported me with infos about other boats around me, about direction of wind etc.., tips etc..I could really concentrate on the balancing - was really great that day). I would be definitely interested in going on with the training - so if you set up sg, it would be wonderful to join in. Regarding the decision to buy a boat - there are still some things that I have to check. For sure I am aware that I will need a lot of training because I am lacking sailing experience. Well - for the moment I just wanted to send you this quick note... many many thanks again - for the organisation; Niki also for borrowing the clothes which prevented me from freezing; Doug definitely thanks a lot for making the training possible with your boat! All the best for now - fingers crossed for good weather and wind conditions within the next weeks and your new boat Niki - CU, Barbara

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