Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Discussion about updating old moths with new foils etc. to be competitive

What do you think?

- Is a Bladerider with Ninja Foils competitive? Or does it make sense to change to m2 foils?

- Or how does it look like if you update your fastacraft prowler with new (prowler or others) foils?

- Who knows how much new mast; sails or wand systems will change?

These are all questions for owners of old boats! And there are enough out there! When do you think the investment will be good, and when do you throw money out of the window?

I have bought a Assassin, and it costs me much blood to keep her going OK. But right now I have a big advantage. I know how to handle her, I know which parts could break or I already know that all parts who could brake should be broken till now. The investment is still high, but how are the alternatives? How is the result of updating these boats?

For me clear (now :-)), decision done! My Assassin will get new foils from Mike Cooke, New Wand from Phillippe Oligario and some updates by myself. I will tell you how it will feel and
perhaps I will see one from you at the worlds at Garda.

I would be happy, to get some of your thinking’s and some feedback!
Thanks and a nice season for all!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Many many complex questions. I think you have to identify your weakest link and improve it. You keep going until you have spent more money or invested more time than you are happy to spend. Then you have to go sailing and enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it then you either need to invest more, change your expectations or give up.

  2. a mach 2 with ninja foils might start to be competitive, (though the hull will still be heavy!!)!

  3. Investing in your strength and fitness and learning how to sail your boat is where the big gains are made.

    1. Did you have a sail with an assassin? I am sure you are right, but I am also shure noone could win with theese foils becouse it is so instable at full speed and realy dificult to handle. In my head the change of foils will help much. But we will see!

  4. Ha a Mach2 might start to be competitive Andrew? Where were you at Queen Mary? (first day ;-)

  5. My boat will start to be competitive, I won`t becouse of too much work and not enough sailing days! But I think it is good to know that myself is the desaster and not the boat!


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