Freitag, 2. Juli 2010

fart plug - if you want you can order!

The fart plug test is over, and for my assassin it was a great thing to have!

Now it is time to get more and more people testing them. So if you want one please mail me ( and tell me your kind of drain plug and number of fart plugs you wana have! The plugs will cost something like €29,-- each! - puls shipping costs! I will wait for some orders to do them all at once, but will leave you all a message when it is on the way!

I can NOT give any garantee for them becouse I am not the manufacturer of the valves!

Can also bring them to euros!

It is nice to know when I forget to open the plug and sun is comming or from the sun to the water- there will be no broblem! Also the open plug on the assassin - let all rain water in the hull and one time it was so heavy that I had problems to line up the boat! This is past now - and I will never have these problems again!

If there is some interest you could also find it at soon!

I am very pry of your experience with them and hope of some feedback after your tests!

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