Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

What we do at the moth meeting in Weiden/Neusiedlersee

Friday, 2.Okt:
10 am to 2pm
* the new „Assassin Moth“ powerd by
* Test sailing international moth (at good wind conditions - please register with the text "no boat")
* free training
2pm to 3pm
* Pic of the day contest
3pm to 5pm
* long-distance-race „around the onetreeisland“
* Spagettiparty with Price giving for the Pic of the day

Satturday, 3.Okt:
10am to 1pm
* Test sailing a international moth (at good wind conditions)
* Tacks, Jibes and just sailing – the moths mottoes “everybody helps everyone”
(with video for analyses in the evening)
2pm to 4pm
* starts training with short way to luade mark
from 4pm
* Race 1
from 7pm
* Barbecue with free beer and videos of the day

Sunday, 4.Okt:
10 am to 11 am
* Tacks, Jibes and just sailing again
11 am to 2pm
* Race 2, Race 3 and Race 4
3 pm
* Price giving
(we also can start the races in the morning - as most of attendents wants to)

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